Industrial Workplace lockers are dedicated storage for uniform tools,workwear. School Lockers designed for the rough and tumble of academic life, are child friendly supplied in a wide range of colours and finishes. Modular units are available which can be stacked to suit age group. Heavy Duty Lockers are made with heavyweight laminate doors that would resist an attack which would dent a metal door. These are mounted on heavy duty hinges for added security. Commercial Leisure Lockers a range of lockers that have been developed in a range of colours and finishes to complement the most  “designer” of decors. Advanced locking systems can be added to dispense with the use of keys if so desired. Miniminders are perfect for small but expensive items such as watches, jewellery, wallets etc. ideal where a full sized locker would be overkill. They can be supplied with between twelve and forty compartments per unit. Safecharge Lockers are specifically designed laptop lockers  which not only keep the laptop stored securely but also recharge the battery at the same time.