Delta Shelving Delta Shelving is the ideal shelving system for the office or commercial environment. Delta shelving is a bolt free system making assembly easy and fast. Suitable for storing box files, hanging files, archive or just general storage. Boltless Shelving Boltless Shelving for heavier loads is ideal. Based on the use of a relatively small number of components its simplicity can solve the most challenging of storage problems, with its boltless modular system and shelves adjustable in 25mm increments, Boltless shelving is a fast and flexible way to store heavier loads per bay. Mobile Shelving Mobile shelving is a cost effective and virtually maintenance free way of creating space by reducing aisles between shelving units. The system is ideal for high density storage and can increase effective storage space by upto 80%. Longspan shelving Longspan is a strong sturdy system designed for manual operation,where long clear spans are required between uprights and heavier load capacities. Longspan can carry up to 800Kgs UDL (Uniformly Distributed Load) per level and up to 6000kgs per bay. Carton Live Shelving Carton Live Shelving is the ideal solution for high volume order picking operations when using a ‘first in, first out’ principle of stock rotation.  It is designed for storing rigid boxes or trays that are loaded at one side of the shelf and roll forward as they are off-loaded. Perfect for use in fast moving environments where stock can be replenished without interfering with the order picking operation.