Push Back Racking

Push back racking is another alternative to block stacking and offers even high degree’s of protection to the racking when compared to drive-in.  Push back racking allows the storage of multiple SKU’s to be stored behind one another, thanks to the gravity fed skids once a pallet is removed from the front face, the pallet behind will replace it giving you instant access. In situations where you are able to stock multiple identical pallets in the same run, pushback is second to none.  You will always have pallets so long as your stocked as the stock at the back replaces that at the front when picked. As push back racking encompasses all of its own mechanisms for holding and transporting the pallets once in the rack, there is no need for any specialist equipment or trucks.

Key Features:

  • Standard equipment can be used
  • Many scenarios demand push back racking to be efficient
  • Very high density storage
  • Ideal for batch retrieval
  • Cost effective and economical