Pallet Racking Installation

Racking is WM’s  specialist area, we have the knowledge, expertise and experience needed to complete any racking installation.  As part of any installation you should expect (from us and anybody else) a method statement, risk assesment, detailed CAD proposal and certificate of conformity.  We want to make you completely happy that the structure we install for you is fit for purpose, and is installed in a correct and safe manner. Aswell as installing either used or new pallet racking, we can also relocate your existing pallet racking should you need to change it.  We can also help you with how to change it round to ensure you are getting the absolute optimal floor/storage space. Our racking install teams are on hand for any racking system you may have, even down to the most complex, including pallet racking systems where the installation of additional mechanics aswell as the structure itself need to be installed, for instance live pallet racking.