Case Study – Waterside Food Services Ltd

We were contacted by Waterside Food Services who are a traditional family owned business.

Space had become a major problem, slowing down productivity and efficiency.  As they pride themselves in offering a personal service to their customer’s this was an issue for them.

Our Site Technician visited Waterside Foods to measure the area and spent time with the client, discussing the problems the business was having with regards to the storing and retrieving of goods. This gave us an understanding of the issues and what needed to be achieved.   A budget indication was given, and plans were then submitted with a proposal.

A Mezzanine Floor with upper level shelving to allow for product picking to be completed in a much quicker way, the ground floor then is used for bulk pallet store. All was installed over a weekend to cause minimal disruption to the business.

Mezzanine Floor

  • Total floor area 52.44m2
  • Steel finish
  • Decking
  • Utility stair case
  • Up and over pallet gate
  • Pallet protector plate
  • Mesh partition to front and sides
  • Upper level shelving

Gary Longmore, Director of WM Storage said “It was an absolute pleasure working with Waterside Foods. Chris knew exactly what he wanted to achieve from the project and was open to ideas and suggestions from me. I was on site during the whole of the installation and been in touch with Chris regularly since. It is extremely rewarding to see what a difference the Mezzanine Floor and shelving has made to his business.